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Ju Hachi
1730 S st Sacramento, California 95814
Taka's Story Taka Watanabe has been making sushi for over 20 years. He arrived in the U.S. in 1986 from his native Brazil, where he was raised by Japanese parents but educated in Portuguese. His parents instilled in him a love of good food, and cooking. He remembers fondly watching his mother make sushi for the family on special occasions. As soon as he arrived in the Bay Area, he immediately found work in a Japanese restaurant, where he quickly learned to make sushi. In 1989, he met and married his wife, Susan, and shortly thereafter, relocated to Sacramento. In Sacramento, he apprenticed under the watchful eye of Shige Tokita of Shige Sushi for six years. Shige, a classically-trained chef from Japan, was all business, and quite a stickler for detail. Taka re-learned to make sushi "the proper way."It was tough in the early years, but Taka credits Shige with "everything I now know about making sushi." In 1998, Taka opened his first sushi bar in Midtown Sacramento with a former partner. In 2001, he opened Taka's Sushi in Fair Oaks with his current partner, Peter Kwong. In 2003, Taka sold his shares of his Midtown restaurant to his former partner, and focused entirely on the Fair Oaks location. In 2005, Taka and Peter partnered with Buu "Billy" Ngo to open Kru Restaurant in Midtown Sacramento. Finally, Taka and Peter had the opportunity to re-lease the site of Taka's first restaurant in Midtown. After an extensive remodel, Ju Hachi was born. ________MENU___________ Sushi Nigiri Ebi cooked shrimp 5 Amaebi raw, sweet shrimp 7 Hotate Gai scallop 6 Lomi Salmon 7 Hotate Gai Mix scallop, masago, green onion 7 Fresh Salmon 6 Unagi bbq fresh water eel 6 Smoked Salmon 6 Masago smelt roe 5 Tamago egg omelette 3 Kaki oyster 5 Maguro tuna 5.5 Kani snow crab 7 Sea Steak seared tuna 6.5 Ika squid 5 Hirame halibut 6 Tako octopus 5 Shiro Maguro albacore tuna 5.5 Mirugai giant clam SEASONAL * Hamachi yellowtail 6.5 Uni sea urchin SEASONAL * Ikura salmon roe 6 Toro fatty tuna SEASONAL * Suzuki striped bass 5 Aji Spanish mackerel SEASONAL * Tobiko wasabi or caviar 6 Tai Sea Breem or Snapper 5 Sushi Rolls 1. California Roll Snow crab & kanikama mix, cucumber, avocado and topped w/ masago 7 18. Fong & Fong Roll Diced hamachi mixed w/ spicy sauce & onion, avocado, topped w/ masago 12 2. Spider Roll Deep-fried soft shell crab w/ avocado, cucumber, lettuce and masago 10 19. Hama Hama Chopped yellowtail, scallions & cucumber topped w/ yellowtail & spicy cream sauce 14 3. Tempura Roll Shrimp tempura w/ cucumber 7 20. S.F. Smoked salmon & cucumber topped w/ lomi salmon 12 4. Salmon Skin Roll Grilled crispy salmon skin w/ cucumber and masago 8 21. Sunrise Roll Snow crab & kanikama mix, shrimp tempura and cucumber topped w/ scallop, avocado, masago & spicy cream sauce 14 5. Double Crabby Snow Crab& kanikama mix, shrimp tempura, cucumber topped w/avocado, crab leg, scallions and masago 14 22. B.K. Roll Kanikama & avocado tempura topped w/ masago and spicy cream sauce 8 6. Punk Rock 'n Roll Grilled fresh water eel w/ cucumber and avocado, topped w/masago and black caviar 12 23. Vegetable Roll Cucumber, apple, sprouts, and avocado 8 7. Corbett Roll Shrimp tempura and avocado topped w/ smoked salmon, lemon and spicy cream sauce 12 24. Twin Shake Fresh salmon, cream cheese & cucumber topped w/ smoked salmon & 2 secret sauces 12 8. Rainbow Roll Kanikama, avocado, cucumber with 6 different types of fish on top 12 25. New Millennium Snow crab & kanikama mix, asparagus tempura, cream cheese w/ wasabiko & wasabi cream sauce 12 9. Kohaku Roll shrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado topped w/ red & white tuna, onion and garlic cream sauce 12 26. Chicago Sam Calamari tempura, snow crab & kanikama mix seasoned w/ Taka's spicy sauce, apple, cucumber topped w/ black caviar 12 10. Dynamite Roll Tuna mixed w/ Taka's spicy sauce and cucumber 8 27. Fair Oaks Roll Spicy tuna & cucumber topped w/ fresh water eel, crab leg and tobiko 14 11. Caterpillar Roll Shrimp tempura & cucumber topped w/ avocado & grilled fresh water eel 12 28. Colleen Roll Shrimp tempura, avocado w/ spicy cream sauce 8 12. Ahi Ahi Roll Spicy tuna & cucumber topped w/ tuna, scallions and two special sauces 12 29. Midori Maki Asparagus tempura, cucumber and avocado topped w/ seaweed salad 9 13. Taka's Big Roll Fresh salmon, avocado, shrimp & kanikama wrapped in a seaweed wrap and lightly fried, topped w/ masago & garlic cream sauce 12 30. Shelly Roll Shrimp tempura, snow crab & kanikama mix, cucumber & avocado topped w/ shrimp, smelt roe and 2 special sauces 14 14. Spicy-D Roll Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, cucumber topped w/ avocado, sea steak, scallions, masago and three special sauces 14 31. Ziggy Roll Deep-fried soft shell crab w/ spicy creamy garlic avocado sauce wrapped in a soy wrap 15 15. Scallop Tataki Scallops mixed w/ masago, mayo & cucumber 11 32. Cindy Roll Tuna, snow crab & kanikama mix and jalapeno, wrapped in a soy wrap and lightly fried, topped w/ masago, spicy cream and teriyaki sauce 15 16. Two White White tuna & cucumber topped w/ scallions & garlic cream sauce 12 33. Double-T Roll This is the Roll created by Taka and Tommy for the SushiMasters event! 14 17. Madona Roll Fried chicken, cucumber & scallions topped w/ creamy garlic sauce 7 Hand Rolls (Temaki) Ziggy Handroll deep fried soft shell crab w/ spicy creamy garlic avocado sauce 8 Spicy Tuna Handroll tuna mixed w/ spicy sauce and cucumber 7 Spider Handroll deep fried soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado and masago 7 Salmon Skin Handroll crispy salmon skin, cucumber and masago 7 Scallop Handroll scallop, mayo, masago and green onion 7 Sashimi side Maguro • red tuna 12 B.T.S. thin slices of albacore topped w/ jalapeno and ponzu 13 Hamachi yellow tail 14 Sea Steak seared ahi 13 Tako octopus 12 Medium Sashimi Mix sashimi of chef's choice 22 Shake fresh salmon 12 Large Sashimi Mix sashimi of chef's choice 27 Poki Hawaiian-style sashimi 13 Chirashi Deluxe assorted fresh fish featured on a bed of seasoned rice 25 AppetizersEdamame fresh boiled soybeans 4 Peruvian Scallops on the Half-Shell 9 Tempura Mixed 2 pc shrimp, 3 pc vegetables 8 Agedashi Tofu fried tofu w/ tempura sauce 6 Shrimp Tempura 3 pieces 6 Gyoza 7 pieces Pot stickers 6 Vegetable Tempura 5 pieces 7 BBQ White Tuna 7 Asparagus Tempura 5 pieces 7 BBQ Salmon 7 Calamari Tempura 5 pieces 8 Sesame Chicken 6 Baby Calamari fried calamari w/ jalapeno 8 Hamachi Kama grilled yellow tail cheek 9 Oysters on the Half-shell 7 Soft-shell Crab 8 Enoki japanese mushrooms 6 Taka's Salmon Tostada crispy tortilla topped w/ teriyaki sauce, thinly-sliced salmonand maui onion w/ spicy creamy sauce, sprinkled w/ masago 9 Dinner SpecialsAll dinner specials include rice, salad and miso soup 19 Tempura Mix Beef Teriyaki w/ original or spicy sauce Chicken Teriyaki w/ original or spicy sauce Pan-Roasted Duck Breast Sesame Chicken BBQ Albacore Chicken Katsu Salmon Teriyaki Combo Dinner SpecialsAll combo dinner specials include rice, salad and miso soup 22 Sushi & Roll 7 pcs. Nigiri Sushi (Maguro, Hirame, Shake, Shiro Maguro, Ebi, Unagi & Masago) and half Cindy Roll. Roll & Pan-Roasted Duck Breast One SF Roll and Pan-Roasted Duck Breast w/ Japanese Mushroom Ragout Sushi & Sashimi 7 pcs. Nigiri Sushi (Maguro, Hirame, Shake, Shiro Maguro, Ebi, Unagi & Masago) and mixed sashimi (3 pcs. Maguro, 2 pcs. Shake & 2 pcs. Shiro Maurgo) Sushi & Ahi Katsu 7 pcs. Nigiri Sushi (Maguro, Hirame, Shake, Shiro Maguro, Ebi, Unagi & Masago) and Panko Fried Tuna Roll & Sashimi One Corbett Roll and mixed sashimi (3 pcs. Maguro, 2 pcs. Shake & 2 pcs. Shiro Maguro) SaladsTaka's Chicken Salad Mixed greens topped w/ tender, grilled chicken and sweet & sour dressing 10 Sunomono marinated cucumber w/ sesame seeds 4 Seafood Spring Roll Salad Mixed greens topped w/ crisp seafood spring rolls and sweet & sour dressing 11 Gomaae steamed spinach, sesame seed dressing 4 Seafood Salad mixed greens topped w/ thinly-sliced Sea Steak, shrimp, scallop and seaweed salad w/ Taka's Sweet Sesame Dressing 16 Fresh Greens fresh seasonal salad greens 4 Wakame Salad marinated seaweed & cucumber 6 Noodle Soups Tonkatsu Ramen pork based soup, spinach, enoki, marinated pork, scallion, tamago, bamboo, fish cake & shaved nori 12 Shoyu Ramen soy based soup, spinach, enoki, marinated pork, scallions, tamago, bamboo, fish cake & shaved nori 12 Vegetable Udon bamboo, tofu, broccoli, enoki, carrot & onion 12 Tempura Udon 2 pieces shrimp tempura, 3 pieces mixed vegetable tempura 12 Lunch Specials All lunch specials include rice, salad and miso soup * Select 1 item 10 or Select 2 items 12 or Select 3 items 15 * can not be duplicate items BBQ Salmon Beef Teriyaki BBQ Albacore Salmon Teriyaki Roll of the Day 4 PIECES Chicken Teriyaki Sea Steak Seared Ahi Sesame Chicken Tempura Mix shrimp & vegetable Sushi Lunch Combos Sushi 7 Pieces 12 Deluxe Bento 5 sushi, 5 sashimi, 1 roll 19 Sushi Bento 3 sushi, 3 sashimi, 1 roll 15 Sushi & Roll 5 sushi, 1 roll 16 Ask your Server about our Desserts Lunch Menu Served Until 3PM 18% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more $10 corkage fee Split check maximum 2 checks for one party/table
Last Tour Update: Apr 24, 2013
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