Jul 21, 2019
International Coalition of Tourism Partners

International Coalition of
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International Coalition of Tourism Partners

The International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) is a grassroots travel & tourism coalition of global destinations committed to Quality Services & Green Growth.
ICTP stands for destinations and private industry stakeholders wanting to increase competitiveness through cooperation, networking and a commitment to green growth.

The ICTP logo represents the strength in collaboration (the block) of many small communities (the lines) committed to sustainable oceans (blue) and land (green)


ICTP helps member destinations and their stakeholders share quality, establishing new business, networking and green opportunities including tools and resources, access to funding, education and marketing support.


ICTP Council Members: The International Coalition of Tourism Partners included executive and board members of the International Coalition. Council members receive very valuable and unique additional ICTP services.


ICTP advocates:

  • sustainable aviation growth
  • streamlined travel
  • fair coherent taxation
  • investments for jobs

Upcoming events

08 Apr 2013 • Lucerne, Switzerland


ICTP in the Media

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