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Crazy Sushi

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Crazy Sushi
7419 Laguna Blvd. #140 Elk Grove, California 95758
______TESTIMONIALS______ Crazy sushi is our favorite anyday-everyday sushi. It's affordable. It's tasty. It's just a good place to be. For special dates try something more upscale. For anyday-everyday definitely check this place out. The sushi is SOO GOOD and fresh! I think it's as good as Mikuni's and Osaka which are other more high class titles in Elk Grove/Sacramento area. I love it here. Tyrone V. Elk Grove, CA 4 star rating2/17/2009 If I was rating Crazy compared to other higher-end sushi places I've been to, then I would have given them three stars, but if you're reading this review, know that I'm rating Crazy in comparison to other half-off sushi joints (places like Arigato on Howe Ave.)... Obviously Crazy's main "selling point" is it's 50% off sushi. You can easily order a competently made specialty sushi roll for around $4.50. If you're just looking to get some cheap sushi without the "cheap" taste, then this is the Japanese restaurant for you. Stick with the Dragon Roll and Spider Rolls, they are as fresh and tasty as you will ever get at such a low price. Just remember to steer clear of rolls like Lion King, which are basically drenched in sauces and microwaved. If you're looking for a quick seating, good service, and cheap sushi that agrees with your taste-buds AND stomach, then look no further than Crazy Sushi. It's definitely the best of the half-off-sushi bunch. Stacy B. Elk Grove, CA 4 star rating1/17/2009 Dude: I FORCE myself eat the side salad with chopsticks...otherwise the process would not be lady-like. Trust me. I don't know what they put in that salad dressing, but I want to bury my face in it. Every time. I am surprised by the lukewarm reviews about this place. For twenty bucks, two people can gorge themselves. The quality is good, the menu is expansive, the waitresses are decent, and the sushi chefs are very friendly. The sushi has been 50% off since their Grand Opening, which seems like forever ago! I forgot the name, but get the roll with the jalapenos. It's the s**t!! Kristeen C. Sacramento, CA 5 star rating1/9/2009 I AM OBSESSSSSSSED!!!!! 50% off for decent sushi!? I just came here 3 times in 2 weeks. I got 3 rolls to go for my sister and I for just $13!! And they have 3 pages of sushi!! I don't think I would pay the menu price for the sushi though, but 50% off...I'm fine with that! Also had some of the boyfriend's beef teriyaki, and it was delicious! But...the waitress never comes by for refills. Hazel A. Union City, CA 4 star rating1/8/2009 The first time I had this was over a month ago -- my cousin had gotten some rolls to-go for dinner at the house. I'm unsure of the roll's names but it was really good. Most of the rolls they bought were fried versus having raw fish. My Mom compared the rolls to chinese food saying that you can eat and eat and still want more, but a few hours later you'd be hungry again. I went up to Elk Grove again a few weeks after that, and took very cousin again to lunch. It's located in a small shopping center next to a Borders and an L&L BBQ. The Shop is small itself, and the space between the tables made you eavesdrop on your neighbors conversation which warranted accidental eye contact -- I hate that. I ordered the Chirashi (like I normally do at Sushi places) and expected to be a let down like the place I went to in San Francisco (Sanraku) but I was completely wrong. They gave me 13 pieces of sashimi cut pieces and shrimp, much much more than Sanraku. The pieces were cut thin, but had an extremely fresh crisp flavorful taste, and not to mention the smooth melt in your mouth texture. I had expected to see thicker slices like what I'm used to here in the bay area, but was very satisfied with what they had given me. Service was good. They were quick about seating and ordering and very prompt about refilling water and with the check. This is definitely a place I would come back to again. I may try the rolls the next time. Kristy C. Studio City, CA 5 star rating10/10/2008 You are CuhhhRaaayyyZeeee this was some great sushi, and even better service. The stars are for service alone actually. It was the day the Angels/Boston game went into like 12 innings and these guys were supposed to close at nine. They put the screens on whatever we wanted and didn't kick us out--and it was clear they wanted to go home they didn't say a word, just kept filling up our tea. Thank you so much. That is what customer service is all about, that's why I'll recommend it and come back :) The sashimi was a good price and they had three pages of specialty rolls. Funny, attentive, great experience overall. Sacramento, CA 4 star rating9/10/2008 Did I review this one? Can't remember. Anyway, when I have come here the 3rd plus times food was better, let's not bring up the past. It was horrible. Let's just say toilet, runny, & brown. Ok, enuff mental picture. Moving on to greats... Greats: The 49r roll is really good. It has salmon, unagi, i think avocado & a sauce. I can't explain it, it's just great. I have moved onto low-carb & requested that they put low rice. They don't complain which I love. I get it to go at least 2-3x a month or so. The prices u really can't beat 'em. Anywhere. Probly like in the the whole world. j.k. But yah, 50% off...I ask every once inna while, how long it's gonna last they always say "inna while" & i am like "wheeewwww!" Y'know that's all I really order these days so I can't say anything about the rest. The hostess/phone picker-upper are great, & have food ready when I arrive complete w/ the sticks, etc.. We small talk, they r nice. Gripe: Can't think of any at the moment. Um, gimme a frequent diner card? :) Have special parking up front just for me? Valet for free? patrick w. Elk Grove, CA 4 star rating10/26/2008 so, my co-worker asks me if i wanna go get some sushi for lunch.... ...sushi? ...f-yeah! we have about 45 minutes by the time both of us get down to the parking lot..so we were running like hell to get to the spot. i was f-ing starving. we get to the place...and i'm feeling a little light in the pockets for the amount of hungry i was...and thats when my sushi buddy tells me all the rolls are half off... im like "half -off you say..." she's like "..hells muthaf00king yeah" and the smiles ensued. it's located next to boarders and a little strip mall..so parking's ok. i cant really comment on the service because i was there about 20 minutes tops... the hostess lady was nice though.the food was actually pretty good! i was stoked because the rolls werent all slathered in random mayo sauces and there were hefty portions of fish. what you need to know... ...order over 15 dollars worth of food if you plan on using a card. ...mutherf00king 4 bucks for 12 piece roll??? thats actually good??WHAT!!! yeah 'nuff said. Miss M. Sacramento, CA 4 star rating11/11/2008 I come here often whenever I am craving for some sushi. It's a nice spot to come to. You are always greeted when you walk into the door and whenever you leave. The staff are all pretty nice. The rolls often come out tasting real good and the sake here are good too. I like the fact that it is located in a little shopping center and that it's not too far of a drive. And their rolls are 50% off too! Yay!! I would recommend the beef roll, cherry blossom, and the crispy alaska. I definitely recommend this place! monique c. Sacramento, CA 4 star rating2/24/2008 My rating is based mostly on the food. Otherwise depending on the time of day you could rate this place a 1 the service is so horrible. Sometime ago Crazy Sushi decided to discount all their rolls 50% off making it very cheap and causing all of Sacramento's sushi loving population to flock between the hours of 5-9pm making it nearly impossible to get good service. I went twice with friends and the boyfriend and spent most of our time waiting for extra water, the sauce on the side, more ginger, etc etc. It was a pain in the behind to even get the bill thats how bad it was - you could honestly probably have walked out without anyone noticing. NOW, if you go in the afternoon its much, MUCH better and usually basically empty. I love the fact they have ramen and sushi as well as meat and such. I just reviewed Mikuni's and the most annoying thing to me is that they have no variety in their foods so Crazy Sushi wins. I love how they're close to my house making it finally easy to get some Japanese food without driving downtown, Freeport or Stockton. I also have to admit, even though I know its totally unthinkable I'm sure to any Japanese - I looove the deep fried sushi they have. I'm very partial to the Deep Fried Titanic. Yum. Random Tidbit: they play a lot of Korean music, recent music at that, so If you're into Big Bang, Se7en ,etc then there ya go. Some of the waitresses are actually Korean as well so you could also order I'm sure that way if It's easier for you. *best advice: DO NOT GO DURING DINNER HOUR. Or at least call ahead and get it to go, the chances of you waiting forever to order, forever for the food, forever for someone to come by and check and forever for someone to get you the bill. Hopefully its changed its been a few weeks since I've gone, but I wouldn't risk it if you're hungry. Aaron F. Sacramento, CA 4 star rating9/13/2008 I have been to crazy sushi many times before they started having the 50 percent off all sushi rolls. The service and sushi are okay. The wait time can be very long. I have been here three times and it seems i have waited over 30 minutes to receive my food. The first couple times I came we waited so long we got FREE SEARED TUNA. That's a plus in my book. Sean M. Sacramento, CA 3 star rating4/5/2008 I'm Sean's Wife Mae. I'll be reviewing Crazy Sushi.. The only reason why they get a 3 star rating instead of 4 is because of their service. The food was great but it took awhile to get our Bento boxes. My Husband and I ordered the Crazy Spicy Roll first and to my surprise it was pretty good and not too spicy. It had shrimp and avocado in the roll and topped with spicy sauce. We were there with 3 other couples and their kids. total there were 11 of us. the rolls kept on coming. I had a taste of some other rolls.. Mexican roll was pretty good it had a jalapeno slice on top and filled with crab meat and topped with hot sauce. the lion king tasted kind of odd to me i think it had cream cheese in it.. We ordered about 12 rolls total but i didn't get to try all of them. It took a long time for our Bento Boxes to come out. My husband and i shared one box. we had rice, tempora, and teriaki chicken. Which we all pretty average nothing special. After the Bento box we decided another roll would fill us up.. so my husband ordered a Shrimp Crunch that was pretty good not as good as the Crazy Shrimp. Oh yeah the fried oysters were pretty good.. When we were all stuffed and ready to go the waitress brought us more fried oysters (that we didn't order by the way) but of course we explained that it wasn't ours. 5 minutes later she came back with another plate of fried oysters again explained it wasn't ours.. The price was quite high at least for lunch.. All in all the rolls are good, the bento boxes are okay, and the service well it could have been better.
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