May 23, 2018
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Cupcake Craving

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Cupcake Craving
2100 Arden Way Sacramento, California 95825
Let us delight and entice you, your friends and family with our delicious gourmet cupcakes and handcrafted cupcake cakes for every day and every special occasion. Whether you are craving a bite or need dessert for a party, big or small, we'd like to become your happy little habit! Three Friends ... One Sweet Dream! Our story begins in early 2007, when three friends decided it was time to open a business that would bring their friendship, families, and community ties together. Most important, they decided to do something fun. So after weeks of studying countless spreadsheets, schedules, and store leasing options, they settled on the opportunity that best fit their natural talents and teamwork: a gourmet cupcake bakery. And Cupcake Craving was born. Frosting Covered Smiles Cut to late September 2007. The cash register wasn't even plugged in when the Cupcake Craving crew got word that their gourmet cupcakes were a big hit at a bridal shower. Rave reviews continued to come in from charity events, business meetings, and celebrations. Soon all 14 varieties of gourmet cupcakes were flying off the bakery racks at an incredible rate. The months of planning and preparation were paying off for the Cupcake Craving crew. Sacramento's newest sweet-tooth sensation! News of the success of Cupcake Craving traveled fast. New customers were coming from all over greater Sacramento. Even better, the gourmet cupcakes now had a following that included the finest caterers, wedding planners and event coordinators. Suddenly it seemed like everyone in Sacramento had a happy little habit called Cupcake Craving To find out more about Cupcake Craving gourmet cupcakes and cupcake cakes or to get started on a happy little habit of your own, give us a call at (916) 923-5995, send us email or stop by the store.
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