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Fisherman's Grotto

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Fishermen's Grotto
No. 9 Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco, California 94133
Our History While making way down the colorful streets of San Francisco, along the historical districts of North Beach, Chinatown, and the Financial district, follow the sign of "The Little Fisherman". He will lead you to the inviting shores of the San Francisco Bay and Fishermen's Grotto #9. Opened in 1935, Fishemen's Grotto #9 was the first sit down restaurant on the Wharf. World famous for it's delectable seafood and Italian cuisine, and renowned for it's views of the Golden Gate Bridge, city skyline, and the San Francisco Bay, Fishermen's Grotto combines spectacular views with a unique classical building, and creates a charming and breathtaking sight for its customers. Before 1935 though, it was all only part of a dream for Mike Geraldi. Mike got his start as a boy trudging up and down San Francisco hills selling baskets of fish he earned by helping fishermen unload their catches. He finally saved enough money to buy a fishing boat, and set up a little corner stand to sell his own fish. During that time, he noted the tastes of his customers and developed hundreds of different mouthwatering recipes. As his trade grew, he opened his restaurant on the Wharf in the same location as the present Fishermen's Grotto. In fact, part of the present building is still the original restaurant, which underwent alterations five times in the course of it's own steady growth. The success of Mike's venture was so prompt that other restaurants soon followed the lead. Thus the colorful Fisherman's Wharf, with its accent of food service, was born. Fishermen's Grotto is a two story building near the end of the Wharf. It commands a view of the colorful fishing fleets, net menders, and all the excitement and life that center on the Wharf. At Fishermen's Grotto, many notables have been served, including gourmets and famous personages from all over the world. Day and night, Fishermen's Grotto #9 serves capacity crowds, a tribute to the policies of Mike Geraldi, who insisted that superior food quality, spotless cleanliness, and a sincere appreciation of customer's patronage are a golden formula for success. As Fishermen's Grotto #9 has been a dining tradition for so many generations, so has the restaurant passed on through the generations of Geraldi's. To this date, many member's of the Geraldi family still work at the restaurant as Host's, Waiter's, Chef's, and more. Next time you are in town, ask to speak with a Geraldi. Any one of them will be thrilled to share the marvellous stories of this remarkable family's heritage! Our Delicious Menu: :Cracked Dungeness Crab :Fried Calamari :Fried Shrimp :Crab/Shrimp/Combo Cocktail :Calamari Vinigrette :Chilled Seafood Sampler :Fresh Raw Oysters :Famous Boston Chowder! :Famous Coney Island Chowder! :Sauteed/Fried Prawns :Fried/Sauteed Scallops :Scalone Steak :Abalone :Crab Au Gratin :Crab Cakes :Lobster Thermidor :Australian Lobster Tail :Crab/Shrimp/Lobster Newburg :Crab Louie Salad :Crab, Shrimp, Lobster Chef's Special Salad :Shrimp Louie Salad :Ceasar Salad :Crab Sandwich :Shrimp Sandwich :Fish and Chips :Sole Sandwich :Tuna Melt Sandwich :Steamed Clams :Mussels Bordelaise :Sea Bass :Broiled Halibut :Grilled Swordfish :Mahi Mahi Pineapple :Petrale Amandine :Filet of Sole :Sandabs-local favorite :Pan Fried Rex Sole :Orange Roughy :Thresher Shark :Pacific Red Snapper :Broiled Salmon/Sicilian :Linguini Clams :Pasta A La Pesto :Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce :Linguini Halibut :Penne Calamari :Crab Legs Wine/Butter :Cheese/Meat Ravioli :Crab Ciopino--Famous! :Steak and Lobster :Filet Mignon :New York Steak :Chicken/Veal Picata :Veal Scaloppine :Hamburger :Childrens Pizza :Children's Chicken :Children's Spaghetti :Mocha Crunch Cake :Tirimisu :Boston Cream Pie :Creme Caramel :Spumoni :Choclate Moose Cake :Ice Cream/Gelato :Fruit Tart/Cheescake At Fishermen's Grotto, you can view hundreds of different sporting events from around the world on our big screen satelite TV. After dinner and drinks though, take a leisurly three mile walk, or the "F" train streetcar, to Pac Bell Park. There you can see the San Francisco Giants play in one of the most talked about ballparks in baseball. Or, take the Bay Bridge over to Oakland and catch an A's game. Click here for game schedules and transportation options: Fishermen's Grotto has an extensive wine menu made up of the most popular vinyards in the world, many of which you can visit right here in our own backyard. Napa Valley is only 45 minutes north of Fishermen's Grotto, and is the home of such world renowned vinyards as Mondavi, Sterling, and Krug to name a few. You can even take the Wine Train to Napa so you can truly indulge in the experience. Fishermen's Grotto is often complimented for it enticing musical ambiance. You may hear an Italian love song preformed by Frank Sinatra, or one of the many romantic ballads of Dean Martin. After dinner, stroll just one block down the street to see creations of all your favorite entertainers at the Fishermen's Wharf Wax Museum. Want to see the former home of "other" big names? The boat to Alcatraz departs at Pier 43, just two piers down from Fishermen's Grotto. Bring a jacket and stop at the restaurant on your way back for some warm and hearty Clam Chowder.
Last Tour Update: Apr 24, 2013
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