Jul 21, 2019
Indian Curry House Tour Details

Curry House
Indian Curry House

Indian Curry House

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Indian Curry House
1040 Colombus Ave. San Francisco, California 94133
Reviews "BEST BREWS, FOOS, AND VINDALOOS There's so much going on at Kennedy's Irish Pub and Curry House that it's crazy - not crazy like Britney crazy, but crazy in a way we love. The theme of this strange hodgepodge of an establishment exists somewhere at the intersection of Blarney Stone brew pub, college dorm rec center, abandoned mail room, and Indian-Pakistani restaurant - a place where truth may be stranger than fiction. At least until you down your second $7 pitcher of Pabst and tuck into a heaping helping of aloo tikka. Then the swirling elements around you begin to make delicious sense - the defunct post office boxes lining the walls, the shrine to Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia, and Hunter S. Thompson near the foosball table, the patrons smoking hookahs on the patio, the stuffed Cat in the Hat doll hanging next to the Seattle Seahawks helmet. If only the whole world could, like a glass of cold Kriek Lambic and plate of spicy baigan bharatha at Kennedy's, get along so well. 1040 Columbus, SF. (415) 441-8855, www.kennedyscurry.com" - From SF Guardian Best of Bay 2007 "Irish and Indian might seem like strange bedfellows for a North Beach locale, but one visit to this enormous, low-key hangout and the combination seems clear: Part atmospheric pub with more than 200 beers and wines (including all-day $5 pitchers of PBR); part exotic dining room with sit-down Indian fare including curries, dosas and utthappam. A games room with two pool and two air hockey tables, arcade games and darts, and souvenir shop complete the smorgasbord." - From citysearch.com "Well, its just perfect. Irish pub with dozens of beer on tap AND indian food to order till 1am. You can order your favorite beer and have it samosas or pakodas or perhaps a full fledged order with naan and curries. ... Its going to be difficult to beat this place. Perfection is hard to improve." - From citysearch.com "Kennedy's has just about everything you could want out of a bar and more. The Indian food available (served right to your table anywhere in the bar) is surprisingly good. Of course, they have a great selection of ales and beers, and it's a hearty, fun loving bunch that usually inhabits this place." - From tribe.net "...the beer selection is secretly one of San Francisco's best. And if the beer's good, well then the food is just fine. With several pool tables, a TV tuned to sports, and a casual, mixed crowd, Kennedys' is truly an anomaly among anomalies." - From ktvu.com "A haven for locals, from skateboarders to bikers, the bar is also extremely tourist friendly. So much so that my friend and I spent an entire day....and night in there. Like we did, you will leave Kennedy's with great stories, great memories, and a whole host of new friends!" - From dooyoo.co.uk "Now sure, most Indian places serve beer, but nowhere else in San Francisco, can you find an Indian restaurant attached to an Irish pub, replete with PBR pitchers and the cheapest Guinness prices in North Beach. What also makes this little dive such a pearl in the sea of neighborhood haunts is the fact that it is often a hangout for International travelers, many of whom stay at nearby hostels and wander into the eclectic scene for a bite to eat and drink. Pitchers of PBR for you hipster kids are only five bucks. Happy hour Guinness prices are two bucks a pint, and you certainly cannot beat that with the slap of a crispy piece of naan bread. Drink up!" - From yelp.com "Great place to get curry and beer! So this place is interesting, its a curry restaurant smack in the middle of an irish bar, Kennedy's. The place sports pool tables, air hockey, fooseball and such. The chicken vindaloo is pretty good and they have ok south Indian dosas. You can't beat pitchers of Kingfisher beer at $7, but they have quality beers as well such as Hoegaarden and Lagunitas." - From yelp.com "This is the greatest hybrid of all time. They combine a unique blend of Indian Cuisine with a stylish Irish Pub, which only helps to accentuate the excellence of both." - From yahoo.com "When you think Irish pub, naturally you think Indian food, right? And when you think Indian food, you're pretty much always thinking Jalapeno poppers. And when you think Jalapeno poppers, Indian food and Irish pubs, I know you're thinking about The Grateful Dead. Well you should be, because if you are, it means you've been to Kennedy's Irish Pub in San Francisco's North Beach. And if you've been to Kennedy's, you're cool. So sayeth the shepherd." - From epinions.com "If zombies attack San Francisco, I'm walling myself up at Kennedy's. There is nothing better than washing down a blistering hot Roghan Gosh with a pint of Beamish. Oh, wait, there is... when that pint is $2 at happy hour! That's fucking fantastic! " - From tribe.net
Last Tour Update: Apr 24, 2013
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