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Buu Billy Ngo

Kru Restaurant

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Kru Restaurant
2516 J Street Sacramento, California 95816

Buu "Billy" Ngo Owner Executive Chef Billy started at an early age, beginning with Fuji's in Sacramento. He has worked with many well-known chefs in the culinary industry from the area before joining Taka Watanabe at Taka's Sushi in Fair Oaks. With his determination to master his culinary skills, Billy attended the California Culinary Academy and graduated in 2004. After graduation, Billy interned at one the most saught after dining experience's in the state, The Kitchen. There he worked with Randall Selland. Since then, Billy has competed in numerous culinary competitions going head-to-head against executive chefs in the area. Among his accolades are the 2007 Sacramento Region Sushi Masters "Best of Show." Billy is not only the Executive Chef, but a principal at Kru. Billy is continually coming up with new ideas and creations. His artistic presentations are unique and bring new meaning to the word "Kru". Billy Ngo Local sushi master sounds off on fresh fish, fine dining and food flops By Catherine Warmerdam Conversation Piece -- Inside Publications Published June 2008 At age 26, Billy Ngo could be called a culinary wunderkind. As executive chef and owner of Kru restaurant in Midtown, Ngo serves up contemporary Japanese cuisine to loyal customers who appreciate his fresh ingredients and creative dishes. On June 10, Ngo will represent the Sacramento region in the state SushiMasters competition held at the Sacramento Convention Center. In this interview, Ngo reveals food experiments that fizzled, the one meal he'll never forget and what you'll find him noshing on when he's not working. SUSHI AND SASHIMI LUNCH served with miso soup and salad nigiri lunch - 5 pieces of chef's choice 9sashimi lunch - 7 pieces of chef's choice, served with steamed rice 12roll combo - tempura and spicy tuna roll 12sushi bento - 1 spicy tuna roll, 3 pieces nigiri, 3 pieces sashimi 13deluxe sushi bento - 1 tempura roll, 5 pieces nigiri, 5 pieces sashimi 18vegetarian roll combo - 2 chef's choice vegetable rolls 10 LUNCH SPECIALS served with miso soup, salad, and steamed rice. choose from any item in the box: CHICKEN TERIYAKI SESAME CHICKEN SALMON TERIYAKI SHRIMP AND VEGETABLE TEMPURA BEEF TERIYAKI GYOZA SASHIMI NIGIRI SPICY TUNA OR CALIFORNIA ROLL any one item 10any two items 11any three items 13 SALADS organic greens - shaved bonito, creamy miso dressing 6seaweed salad - marinated seaweed, sliced cucumbers 7baby calamari salad - thinly sliced cucumbers, green apples micro-greens, creamy miso dressing 10spicy tuna salad - daikon radish, cucumbers, lolla rosso, soy dressing, crispy lotus chips 10/14warm mushroom salad - sauteed medley of japanese mushrooms, lolla rosso lettuce 9/12sauteed chicken salad - mixed organic greens, cherry tomatoes, crispy soba noodles, sweet ginger vinaigrette 9/12 SMALL PLATES tea smoked duck - pink hawaiian sea salt, miso mustard sauce 12spicy tuna tartare - bigeye tuna with habenero infused masago, micro greens, quail egg, and lotus chips 12seven-spice crusted ahi - served rare, ginger-daikon ponzu 12poke trio - hawaiian style marinated spicy tuna, hamachi, and tako, green tea, schichimi, and nori salts 13oysters - fresh pacific oysters, preserved wasabi root, ponzu, chili paste, pink hawaiian sea salt 13hamachi carpaccio - thinly sliced hamachi, ponzu, chili oil, jalapenos 13panko crusted salmon sashimi - served rare, crab remoulade 14sashimi tapas - chef's choice, five different fish, each with different accompaniments 18age-dashi tofu - lighly fried tofu, tempura sauce 6local french bean and yellow wax bean tempura - miso aioli 7ika geso - seasoned and fried squid legs, ponzu sauce 8shrimp and vegetable tempura - lightly fried shrimp and vegetables, tempura sauce 8calamari tempura - spicy cream sauce 8house-made pork gyoza - spicy ponzu dipping sauce 8crispy seafood spring rolls - sweet chili glaze, balsamic essence 9duo of ribs - sweet and spicy miso glazed lamb ribs and grilled hamachi ribs with a ginger-ponzu sauce10hamachi kama - charbroiled yellowtail collar, ponzu sauce 11grilled lamb chops - miso polenta, plum wine sauce 10grilled albacore tuna - sweet and spicy miso, spicy garlic, and kochujan dipping sauces 12lobster tempura - spicy-lemon aioli 13sake steamed mussels - sake and dashi broth, grilled bread 13spicy grilled king crab legs - spicy kochujan sauce 13kobe beef sashimi - topped with ginger, garlic, chives, ponzu, pink hawaiian sea salt, and seared with hot sesame oil 15scallops and foie gras - jumbo scallops from hokkaido japan topped with medallions of foie gras, crispy smashed potatoes, and a soy-mirin grastrique 23 MAIN PLATES served with miso soup pan roasted stripe bass - spicy king crab sauce 20miso glazed salmon "donburi" - miso glazed salmon served over steamed organic rice 22asian bouillabaisse - spicy kochujan broth, udon noodles 22teriyaki chicken - asparagus tempura 16five moulard leaf duck breast - japanese mushroom ragout, edamame beans 21charred rack of lamb - shishito pepper tempura, plum wine sauce, shiso oil 24pan seared domestic kobe bavette steak - truffle butter teriyaki sauce, balsamic essence 29 NIGIRI AND SASHIMI sashimi nigirimaguro 15 5.5suzuki 14 5tako 13 4uni 18 9hamachi 15 5.5hotate 14 5sake (fresh or smoked) 14 5shiro maguro 14 5walu 16 6unagi 5kani 6tobiko (Black) 5ikura 5amaebi 7ebi 5tamago 3 NIGIRI AND SASHIMI PLATES nigiri mix - assorted nigiri chef's choice 20sashimi mix - chef's choice, served with preserved wasabi root 23deluxe sashimi mix - chef's choice, served with preserved wasabi root 35chirashi - scattered sashimi over sushi rice 25 SUSHI ROLLS AND HAND ROLLS sushi roll hand rollspicy tuna 7 5hamachi-scallion 7 5soft shell crab 8.5 7vegetable 5 4california 7 5shrimp tempura 7 6eel-avocado 7 5salmon skin 7 5 CHEF SPECIAL ROLLS great white - calamari tempura, cucumbers topped with avocado, hokkaido scallops, sweet chili, spicy cream sauces, tobiko, and green onions 12drake - avocado, cucumber, kaiware topped with hamachi, sauteed mushrooms, and tobiko 13krazy kali - snow crab, spicy tuna, avocado, all rolled and lightly fried, spicy cream, garlic cream, shiso oil, kaiware 11caterpillar - shrimp tempura, cucumbers topped with grilled fresh water eel, avocado 11philadelphia - smoke salmon, avocado, cream cheese 8rainbow - kanikama, avocado, cucumbers topped with 6 pieces of fish 11tesla - soft shell crab, topped with avocado, albacore, salmon, garlic cream sauce, chives 12cindy - tuna, snow crab, jalapenos roll in mamenori, lightly fried, teriyaki and spicy garlic aioli 15jade - lobster tempura, crayfish salad, lolla rosso lettuce, chives, avocado, cucumbers, mamenori, teriyaki, and spicy cream sauces 18j street - shrimp tempura, snow crab, cucumbers topped with avocado, shrimp, smelt roe, micro greens, spicy cream and garlic cream sauces 13aden - tempura veggies topped with avocado, micro greens, and a sweet chili glaze 7hapa hapa - salmon, crab, albacore, lightly fried, garlic cream and a sweet chili glaze 14spicy liz - spicy tuna, cucumbers, topped with lomi salmon 11spicy d - shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cucumbers, topped with avocado, seared tuna, smelt roe, micro-greens, garlic cream and chili sauces 13create your own roll $$ SIDES steamed organic rice 2.5lotus chips 3sunomono 4garlic sauteed bok choy 5potato croquettes 5sauteed seasonal veggies 6miso tofu 2miso seaweed and enoki mushrooms 3miso clam 4spicy king crab and mussels 7 DRINKS soda - pepsi, orange slice, mountain dew, diet pepsi, brisk pink lemonade, sierra mist, iced tea 2voss - bottled water 4x.s. energy drink - cherry, tea berry, tropical 3.5marble soda 2

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