Apr 26, 2018
Maui Thai Restaurant

Maui Thai
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Aloha, and welcome to the Maui Thai website. We are a casual dining restaurant located in South Maui. We serve authentic and delicious Thai food and we're positive that you'll be satisfied with anything that you order! We also have a selection of beers and wine for you to enjoy. Reservations are accepted for groups of 8 or more. On our website, you will find a full listing of our menu (which also includes a section exclusively for vegetable lovers) and specials that we may be offering at the moment. You might also end up learning a thing or two about our food. So feel free to browse around and come back often to check for any updates because we're still in the process of adding new features! Need A Gift Idea?? Maui Thai now offers Gift Certificates. So if you're trying to find the perfect gift for someone who LOVES Thai food, stop by our location. Maui Thai Restaurant is a family owned and operated establishment that has been open since June of 2003. We take pride in using only the freshest ingredients and produce. We even use our own homegrown herbs and spices. We would also like to reaasure those who have never tried Thai food before. There has been a misconception that all Thai foods, especially the curries, are all SPICY. We are here to tell you that is FALSE. Here at Maui Thai, you may order your dishes Mild, Medium, or Hot. You can even choose a spice level that is in between those such as Mild Plus or Medium Plus. And, if you are a true spice fan, and you absolutely love to taste the burn, you can be bold and try our Hot Plus or Hot Plus Plus. (And yes, people have actually tried those before!) So don't hesistate to come try our delicious food!
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