May 23, 2018
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Peking Restaurant

Peking Restaurant

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Peking Restaurant
9529 Folsom Bl. Ste A Sacramento, California 95827
Reviews Peking Rocks!!! This place never seems to dissapoint. I always come here in big groups after many tahoe trips. We always grub on the same items: jajangmyun (noodles w/ black bean sauce), jam pong (spicy seafood noodles), tangsuyuk (sweet fried beef), shrimp and chicken gam poong gi, sizzling rice soup, crab and cheese wontons, mapo tofu and rice. This place has friendly and attentive service (refilling water and offering more gaduke(korean spicy radish) instead of asking. Always accomidating when coming in large groups. Although there are many other restaurants around the sacramento area, peking is the only one i think about when coming back from tahoe. This place is a frequent stop for me when heading back from South Lake Tahoe. It is close from the freeway exit off of highway 50. We usually order the Ja Jang Mein, or Za Zang Mein, (noodles with black bean sauce), some tang see yuk (deep fried sweet and sour beef, and Kam Poong Gee (deep fried chicken dish with some glaze on it). All of these dishes are a solid choice and they also give you some Kak Doo Gi (those squares of turnip with spicy stuff on it) on the side. I really enjoy their Kak Doo Gi. This review is like a Korean food translation from a guy who has the Korean language proficiency equivalence of a 1st grade Korean student. That's why food is so great, it crosses language and cultural borders man. Even for a twinkie like me (yellowish brown on the outside and white on the inside) a.k.a. a banana. The service at this place is also very attentive, always refilling your waters and when you're in a big party just leaving the pitcher on the table (very underrated service tactic exception if you're at a fine dining restaurant). Great place for a quick lunch, or for a large group at dinner. They move fast, and can sometimes feel a little rushed, but if you're in a hurry that's good. I'm always a fan of their Lemon Chicken and Mongolian beef, but there's a lot more that I haven't tried yet. The staff is very friendly and always welcoming. This place seems to never fail. Every time we've eatin here, we've always came out full, happy, and sleepy. I don't know how to explain what we've ordered, b/c we've always asked for it in Korean. But, I can do my best to describe it. As an appetizer, the Cheese Won Tons are good. Something we always order is this sweet and sour beef. It's pretty darn good. The Mabo Tofu is pretty good as well. Something we always get, is this Black Bean sauce noodle. That's a family fav over there. I'm not too sure about other things on the menu, b/c we always just stick to what we like. But I'm pretty sure, most things you get, you won't go wrong. mmmmmm this place is really good. Perfect place to go if you are at work on a lunch break. They will literally get you in and out of here in 30 minutes. They have really quick service as soon as you walk in they have you seated and bring you out this really good salad and sweet and sour soup. They have about 20 different lunch specials to choose from. By the time you have placed your order they have no sooner refiled your drink and viola your food is already being brought out and it is pipping hot and it tastes fresh the veggies are good and crunchy. This place is definitely worth a try, I know at my work it is a lunch time favorite. This has been a childhood favorite for me. I have enjoyed this place my entire life. First of all, whoever gave this place a 1 star review, wrong. I'm sure they ordered foods that are desirable from Panda Express, not here. This is definitely a place to open your pallet. The servings are all gigantic. The service is mediocre, but the food makes it worth it. Explore when you eat here, don't just go straight for the chow mein. The Jam Pong Soup here is PHENOMENAL. Ask for extra meat and it will knock your socks off. Pork, shrimp, octopus, kimchi, hot oil, vegetables all tossed into a gigantic bowl for three! The Cha Jang Myun here is the best in town, which is actually a poor Koreans tradition food. I have ordered this since I was able to walk from the restaurant. How I look forward to having brown stains drip down my face and onto my shirt. AGAIN, large heaping serving. Kan Pong Shrimp... amazing. Best in town, again. Just the right spicy kick, spicy, and not smothered in sauce like most. It's an expensive dish, but worth every bite. Tan Sue(sp) Yook - This is the Korean take on sweet and sour pork, but with beef. Lightly battered with a pineappley sweet sauced, with a crispness that pops in your mouth. I recently tried the won ton soup, it was good, but I prefer my spicy food. This place is deserving of every star for the food. It is exceptional. As I said, I have been coming here since I was a child, and I'm Korean. They offer many traditional Korean dishes also which are unmatched by other places in the city. Enjoy :) This is a place that my parents frequent, so I've eaten here mostly when I'm visiting my folks in Sacramento. The service here is quite warm and friendly, since all of the staff know my folks... It's located conveniently off a busy street, and they've always had ample parking spaces whenever we've eaten there. I love the fact that this place serves Chinese dishes that are not always found in other Chinese restaurants. Ja-Jang-Myun (hand-drawn noodles w/ black bean sauce) is one of my favorite Chinese dishes, and they do a good job making it here. I believe they do make that with hand-pulled noodles, but I'm not sure if they do that on every occasion. For those of you that are not familiar w/ the difference between noodles that are hand-pulled/drawn as opposed to machine-cut, there is quite a difference in the texture and taste of the two. Their Mongolian Beef is tasty, and their appetizer dishes are nice too. It's a simple dish that you'll find at any Chinese restaurant, but their Pot-stickers also seem better than others. The food here, in general, has good flavor and is served in good portions. It's also a family-friendly restaurant, so don't be afraid to bring your kids here, or bring a large group. There should be plenty of seating available in their large dining area.
Last Tour Update: Apr 24, 2013
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