Apr 26, 2018
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Pho Bac
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Pho Bac Hoa Viet

Pho Bac Hoa Viet

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Pho Bac Hoa Viet
7600 Greenhaven Dr. #9 Sacramento, California 95831
TESTIMONIALS When I want a hot bowl of noodles this is my go to place. I've been to their other locations, but it always seems better here. Give me a large #2 on a cold, dreary winter day and I am comforted by the aroma of the broth and the filling rice noodles. The service is consistently inconsistent and the affect of their employees is usually indifferent. They are quick to take orders-sometimes a little too quick, the food is also delivered with a quickness, but if you need/want anything else in between or afterwards you'll need to flag someone down. I only order the Vietnamese food. But, it always tastes the same which is yummy goodness! I come here when I'm in the area and want some pho. The pho tastes alright, good enough to fill me up. Service is fast. Not the most cheerful workers, but oh well. I usually come here during the day, and it's mostly empty. Anyway...the pho is good and the price is cheap cheap. I didn't order the usually bun tom thit noung like usually but I ordered the pho ga and bun bo hue (yes I was hungry) and it was actually good and it got me very full I didn't finsh all of it. But it didn't go to waste at all. I am really surprised at the uneven reviews here. I have eaten at this location numerous times since my first review, and I have never been unhappy with the food, or even the service. Granted, my expectations regarding the service are relatively low, but I have ALWAYS gotten exactly what I ordered, and have never had to wait an unreasonable amount of time, nor have I ever found or seen evidence of foreign objects in the food. Additionally, those reviewers who point out health code violations are probably aware that there are very few places in town that have never had such violations, so take this information with a grain of salt (or drop of soy sauce if you prefer). These things said, I generally order more or less the same thing each time (large #12 - pho with rare steak) and I absolutely love it. I have also eaten at the Folsom and Rancho locations, and they are all quite good. Despite my strictures regarding ordering Chinese food in Vietnamese restaurants, their chow fun is also really good, IMHO. I will most definitely continue to eat here - it really is tasty and reasonable! Besides being the only place outside of the countries found in the southern pacific ocean basin i would every try anything called soursop, this place is hands down the finest purveyors of Vietnamese rice noodle soup in the greater sacramento area. the service is always friendly and efficient and the food is always fresh and delicious. hey sacramento! wake up from the coma you've been lulled into by stuffing your faces with mediocre sushi served at loud restaurants with too many plasma tvs and way too muxh stainless steel, and feast an authentic ethnic cuisine that will leave your belly delightfully full and your wallet satisfyingly fat. pho bac, pho life (I know that last line is inexcusable I just couldn't help myself) Yummy. I love their pho! #14 please ;D It was really hard to communicate with one of the staff's but another lady helped us also. The restaurant kind of has this odor but you get used to it and I think they're clean. I mean I don't think most asian restaurants clean the caps of their Srircha or Hoison bottles but yeah, they do. Pretty clean place. This pho spot was better than the other place I went to in Sacramento, I forgot what it was called. Alright...we come here all the time. I mean...ALL the time. Everything is always fresh. I never leave disappointed. Except that one time I left there disappointed. The beef ball pho is always my favorite, but the last time I got it, all the balls were fatty, gristley...just not edible. It has, in no way, discouraged me from eating the pho. I just get the steak and flank now. It just makes me happy inside. They always give you a full bowl, no matter what size you get. The eggrolls are really good, too. They give them to you on a plate with a ton of foliage and I've taken to wrapping my egg rolls in the lettuce leaves so I don't leave that giant green pile on the plate when they take it away. It's pretty darn good that way. The service is always fast and you can always get a table immediately.
Last Tour Update: Apr 24, 2013
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