Jun 23, 2018
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Sogo Bakery

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Sogo Bakery
1649 El Camino Real Burlingame, California 94010
Sogo Bakery Inc. is a corporation that was founded in 1997 by six friends at one retail location. Making only simple breads and pastries onsite, Sogo's business model of maintaining quality and fresh products was embraced by the community and proved to be a successful one. Less than ten years later, Sogo Bakery currently employs over 90 people and has grown to occupy six retail locations and a manufacturing plant. With over 250 products, we are proud to offer our customers a variety of cakes, pastries, cookies, and bread. In addition to our retail stores, Sogo has expanded operations to include a wholesale division, allowing our products to be found in various supermarkets and coffee shops around the Bay Area. Sogo Bakery is proud to offer a delicious selection of cakes for all occasions. Our Asian and European influenced recipes allow us to bring to you some of the most divine flavors from around the world. We specialize in mousse cakes, which have layers of both cake and mousse filling, a whip cream based dessert. Exquisite in design and flavor, our cakes will transform any occasion into a special one. Cakes Dream Mocha Taro Mousse Cakes Black Forest Cappuccino Green Tea Mango Mocha Orange Peach Raspberry Strawberry Tiramisu Others Blueberry Cheesecake Japanese Cheesecake New York Cheesecake Fruit Tart Note: Cake decoration and style may vary from location to location. For more information, please contact or visit the retail store nearest you. Whether you're having breakfast at home or on the road, hosting an office meeting, or just wanting a quick snack, our buns and pastries are great for any time of the day! With a selection of over fifty different buns and pastries that is all freshly baked each morning, you'll be sure to find items to satisfy whatever flavors you crave. Some of our customer favorites: Apple Turnover Cinnamon Twist Coconut Bun Chocolate Croissant Custard Bun Cream Cheese Bun Garlic Bread Green Onion Bun Ham and Cheese Bun Ham and Corn Bun Hot Dog Bun Mini Croissants Pineapple Bun Pork Sung Sushi Bun Raisin Twist Red Bean Bun Strudels (a variety of flavors) Taro Bun And more... Sogo Bakery offers a nice selection of sliced bread, great for sandwiches and toast. Since no preservatives are added, in order to maintain the quality and freshness of the bread down to the last slice, our bread is only sold by the half loaf. Our bread selection includes: Coconut Bread Cranberry Wheat Bread Danish Bread Dinner Rolls Egg Bread Japanese Milk Bread Milk Bread Papoose Bread Raisin Bread Raisin Custard Bread Raisin Whole Wheat Bread Red Bean Bread Sesame Bread Walnut Bread White Bread Whole Wheat Bread Sogo Bakery bakes a variety of cookies available for purchase by the package. Great with coffee, tea, or milk, our cookies can be enjoyed at home, at the office, and at school. Some of our customer favorites: Almond Tile Cookie Black & White Sesame Tile Cookie Cocoa Almond Cookies Coconut Macaroons Coconut Tarts Crispy Almond Cookie Ladyfingers Madelines (assorted flavors) Mini Butterfly Cookies Star Cookies (assorted flavors) Walnut Cookies With recipes brought to you directly from Taiwan, our selection of Chinese pastries will give you a little taste of the treats found abroad. Some of our customer favorites: Coconut Tart Date Pastry Mango Pudding Moon Cakes (seasonal) Portuguese Egg Tart Puff Cake Taro Pastry
Last Tour Update: Apr 24, 2013
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