Apr 26, 2018
Fisherman's Wharf Deli & Taqueria Tour Details

Fisherman's Wharf
Deli & Taqueria
Fisherman's Wharf Deli & Taqueria

Fisherman's Wharf Deli &Taqueria

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Fisherman's Wharf Deli & Taqueria
2640 Mason St. San Francisco, California 94133
________TESTIMONIALS______ Mmmmm I really liked it here. After getting wasted on Irish Coffees, we got HUNGRY! So, my tum tum lead us to this mexican place. The cooks were SO sweet, they gave us free drinks when we told them we didn't have much cash {we didn't!! omg so embarassing} My chicken tacos were the bomb and they put just the perfect amount of sour cream. Stacia had a burrito and said that she felt like a beached whale after. LOL fatty food but good fat, not the bad kind. Its possible that this place is family owned. Either that or some of the workers are just really casual about their work. One lady ignored me, but the other was really nice. Their prices are more expensive than most other Mexican taquerias, but I guess its cheap compared to most of the other places around the area. A super steak taco costs over $4, but the taco was more than decent sized. I don't know if its worth the $4, but its not too much of a rip off. The steak was a bit overdone, but I liked everything else. Could've been more generous with the sour cream and guacamole. There are plenty tables to sit down and eat, and you can buy internet time. Overall, I'd come back.
Last Tour Update: Apr 24, 2013
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