Apr 26, 2018
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Zakuro Sushi

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Zakuro Sushi
835 Twelve Bridges DR. #80 Rocklin, California 95648
_____TESTIMONIALS_________ 11/19/2008 We went here for dinner and absolutely loved it. The service was great. We ordered the bbq tuna appetizer and it was everything we expected and the sauces that accompanied it were great. We got 2 rolls, Highway 65 and unfortunately I can't remember the name of the other. I remember one was just too spicy for my taste, although I really have no tolerance for spice, go figure I'm half Indian. Anyway, the other roll was great. After having Zakuro and Mikuni, I will say that Zakura sushi tastes so much better and it's not drenched in sauce to mask the flavor of the fish. We'll definitely be going back! 9/25/2008 I came for dinner on a weeknight for a friend's baby shower. Nice outdoor setting though It did get quite dark with only a couple of Ikea lanterns to light up our table. Sushi bar and regular tables available as well inside. I usually get their bentos--such a good value but only decent quality, I think. So this time I just had to try their sushi..and it was so yum! I ordered a Sushi on the River roll--deep fried shrimp, avo (?), topped with scallop, salmon, and some sauce. The gyoza were very tasty, too. The staff kindly refrigerated a cake my friend had brought to cap off the evening celebration. At dessert time the cake slices arrived on individual plates decorated with whipped cream and chocolate swirls. A very nice gesture by the staff. Good service, good food. I'll be back for more sushi. Never thought I would find another restaurant that had such great BBQ Tuna!!! It's by far the best Sushi around you must try it!!!! Sushi lover in Lincoln!
Last Tour Update: Apr 24, 2013
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